Return to Sport - Restart 2.0 (September 29, 2021)



Planet Ice Arena

GSL Group Facility's Policy (October 13, 2021)


Pitt Meadows Arena

Mask Mandate 

    • As of October 12, 2021, the Province of British Columbia has re-introduced a mask order for all patrons born in 2016 or earlier (5+). Unless actively engaged in a sports activity on the ice or field, patrons are required to always wear a mask while inside the facility.

Proof of Vaccination

    • Anyone born in 2009 or earlier (except athletes 12 – 21 years of age participating in a youth sport activity or adults supervising a youth sport activity including Coaches, Team Managers, Safety Managers, and Referees) will be required to present proof of vaccination. This includes a digital version or a paper copy of the BC Vaccine Passport and 1 piece of photo ID (youth 12 – 18 not required to show photo ID). Vaccination cards provided at immunization locations will not be accepted.
    • Beginning on October 4, it will be Pitt Meadows staff checking the proof of vaccination status before entry to the building takes place.

Proof of vaccination is not required for the following: 

    • Anyone 0 – 11 years of age (athletes & spectators)
    • Athletes 12 – 21 participating in a youth sport activity
    • Coaches, Team Managers, Safety Manager & Referees involved in a youth sport activity 

Access to the Facilities

    • All passport checks will be done at the rink entrance before entry is permitted.
    • If a parent wants to come in to assist and then leave, they have to show proof. If they can't they will have to get their child ready in the parking lot

Langley Sportsplex

Vaccine Passport COVID Guidelines



The MRFMHA Return to Hockey Plan that has been developed for our association in order to ensure:

  • health and safety of all individuals is a priority
  • activities are in alignment with provincial health recommendations
  • modifications to activities are in place in order to reduce the risks to each sport organization and its participants
  • our sport is united and aligned on a plan to reopen throughout the province

While we do hope things will return to normal in the not too distant future, currently this Return to Hockey Plan will be the new normal until we are advised otherwise by public health authorities.

If you choose to participate, you must follow these rules: 

  • If you don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay home.
  • If you have traveled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at the facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days.
  • If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  • Wash your hands before participating
  • Bring your own equipment, water bottle and hand sanitizer
  • Comply with physical distancing measures at all time
  • Avoid physical contact with others, including shaking hands, high fives, etc.
  • Leave the field of play as quickly as possible after you finish

Our Return to Sport Plan is based on current public health guidance. While we are all doing our best to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, while the virus circulates in our communities it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk. Each participant must make their own decision as to whether it is in their best interest to resume participation at this time. You must take into account your own circumstances and make the decision that is right for you. Should you choose to join us, we require your full cooperation with our Return to Hockey Plan.