BC Hockey is excited to announce the launch of the 2020-2021 clinic and certification season. To ensure that there is an educated and safe return to hockey this season, all officials are required to complete certification before participating in any games. Available clinics will be posted on the ehockey website by way of the BC Hockey clinics home page as they become available.



Pre-clinic requirements (must be completed prior to registration):

  1. Hockey University: Officiating 1/2 (Approx. 3 hours)
  2. Hockey University: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey (Approx. 20 minutes) – No charge
  3. New officials 18 years or older as of December 31, 2020 must complete a Criminal Record Check prior to registration, online submission– No Charge

NOTE: BC Hockey is also offering MHAs a U9 ‘Trained’ Official option. This option will allow a new official to join the officiating program at a much-reduced registration fee ($25.00 + GST). Officials that wish to enter the program under this U9 ‘trained’ status will not receive full certification but will be trained to officiate U9 cross-ice games. Furthermore, 11-year-olds will be permitted to participate in the U9 trained program, to allow for a more gradual transition to Level 1 in a future season. U9 officials must complete the Hockey Canada Officiating 1/2 course prior to registration and the clinic is approximately 60 minutes.


Clinic Registration, Delivery & Certification:

In-Person Delivery ONLY:

  • New official clinics will be delivered in-person by your Minor Hockey Association (MHA)
  • These clinics will be schedule in accordance with the local MHA and may begin in mid-October through the fall. Please consult with your local MHA Referee-in Chief (RIC) for projected dates.



Recertification is required.

The links for some certification clinics are now posted on the BC Hockey Clinics Website and you should check back regularly.  All returning officials must attend one of these clinics. If you are over 16, you can register for level 2 certification. You must be certified each year through BC Hockey to officiate with Meadow Ridge Barracudas.

Certification is the responsibility of BC Hockey and if you have any questions/concerns about the courses themselves, please contact BC Hockey .



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